Monteverdi: Venetian Vespers

Saturday March 28, 2020 @ 7 pm
German Church, Unioninkatu 1, Helsinki
Tickets: 20 / 15 € from Holvi or at the venue (from 6 pm)

What would a vespers composed by Claudio Monteverdi have sounded like in the basilica of San Marco in Venice in the 17th century?

A vespers may bring to mind a serene, meditative evening service, but Monteverdi’s vespers were more like musical fireworks in which the choir and the soloists sing scintillating pieces, each more brilliant than the other, rising to higher and higher musical spheres.

For this concert, Utopia Chamber Choir has assembled some of Monteverdi’s most beautiful pieces to a collection of songs that could have been performed as a vespers in the 17th century when Monteverdi was maestro di cappella in the basilica of San Marco.

Performing in this concert are:

Utopia Chamber Choir
Juho Punkeri, tenor
Mats Lillhannus, tenor
Minna Kangas & Anthony Marini, violin
Mikko Ikäheimo, theorbo
Pilvi Listo-Tervaportti, organ
Conductor: Mikael Maasalo

Welcome to our concert!