Ludus Danielis – Belshazzar’s Feast

January 6th, 2023 @ 7 pm
German Church, Helsinki, Finland
Tickets 30 / 20 e at the door & from webshop
Dir. Andrew Lawrence-King

Ludus Danielis (Play of Daniel) was first performed in Beauvais Cathedral in the late 1100’s, although the manuscript that preserves it dates around 1230. Ludus Danielis tells the story of legendary feast of King Belshazzar and Daniel in the lion’s den. A festive celebration and a masterpiece of medieval culture, Daniel employs poetry, music, visual spectacle, drama, suspense, irony, humour, pathos and complex characterisation to create wat its pioneering editor, William Smoldon, described as medieval opera.

Utopia Chamber Choir
Andrew Lawrence-King, harps, dir.
Ricardo Padilla, percussions
Janek Öller, wind instruments
Eira Karlson, fidel